vending machine

The vending machine industry is always looking forward and continually embracing new technologies on offer.  The latest innovation to the humble vending machine is the introduction of touch screens and shopping cart technology.  Most vending machine manufacturers have embraced both these features and we are seeing more models released with the features.  The combination of shopping carts and touch screens means that the user interface for customers is a much more pleasant and simple experience.  A customer can choose as many products as they like in a single transaction and in many cases. receive a discount for a multiple purchase.  The touch screen, combined with better CPUs in new model vending machines has facilitated this innovation.

Other innovations that are currently in the pipeline for vending machines are complete interactive facings.  Manufacturers are working on replacing the glass facing on the door of the vending machines with a full faced touch screen.  This innovation will not only allow the customer to have an easier interaction with the vending machine when ordering, but to also allow the vending machine operator to display much more information on the machine.  For example nutritional information, or current specials, even public service announcements and advertising.  Newer model vending machines will be giant iPads.

The new advancements in vending machine technology are being driven vending machine manufacturers in the USA as well as China.  China has recently emerged as a serious player in the vending machine market.  The quality of the manufacturing and reliability of the vending machines is constantly improving and some models of Chinese vending machines are actually superior (and substantially cheaper than the American counterparts.  If you have a serious interest in seeing the developments first hand, I would suggest a trip to both the Chinese and the American trade shows.  Every serious manufacturer will be in attendance and showing their latest model vending machines.

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