We have a number of customers that rent vending machine from us to use in their own staff rooms.  These customers will stock, service and maintain the vending machine and keep any profits generated by the vending machine.   It’s a popular option and becoming more popular.  It gives companies total control over their vending options.

One of the most critical components of a vending machine is the refrigeration unit (also known to people in the industry as a fridge deck). Fridge decks in vending machines are similar to any commercial refrigeration unit, in that they require constant and regular maintenance.  A well maintained fridge deck in a vending machine will last for years and in a lot of cases decades.  The fridge decks components are extremely expensive to replace and if one is damaged, stock inside the vending machine could be lost or spoiled.  The ideal maintenance program calls for a weekly thorough cleaning of the fridge deck.  To carry out the weekly clean, you simply access the fridge deck area and thoroughly brush the radiator of the fridge deck and the surrounding areas.  A soft brush is recommended for this task so as not to damage the radiator of the fridge deck.  We have also found that a hand held vac is very handy and can be used to clean all excess dust and particles that may damage the fridge deck.

Once the deck is clean, check for all the areas of air intake around the deck.  These must also be clear to allow for clear air flow to the fridge deck.  In locations that have carpet, it is essential to carry this maintenance out on a weekly basis because the carpet fibers will get caught in the deck and will lead to failure in a very short time.  Following this schedule will give you many years of hassle free vending.