Providing free, fully serviced, well stocked, state of the art vending machine  is not the only service we offer. At Vending Simplicity we also assist a number of our satisfied clients pay for their staff parties. We achieve this through a revenue sharing program that is implemented at our clients’ request with their vending machine. When we install a free vending machine in your premises, we tailor a vending machine offering to your preferences. As part
We have a number of customers that rent vending machine from us to use in their own staff rooms.  These customers will stock, service and maintain the vending machine and keep any profits generated by the vending machine.   It’s a popular option and becoming more popular.  It gives companies total control over their vending options. One of the most critical components of a vending machine is the refrigeration unit (also known to people in the industry
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The vending machine industry is always looking forward and continually embracing new technologies on offer.  The latest innovation to the humble vending machine is the introduction of touch screens and shopping cart technology.  Most vending machine manufacturers have embraced both these features and we are seeing more models released with the features.  The combination of shopping carts and touch screens means that the user interface for customers is a much more pleasant and simple experience. 
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October 12, 2017

Vending Machine

At Vending Simplicity, we are always on the look out for new developments in vending machine technology.  With our newest range of “media” vending machine, the new generation has finally arrived.  The media vending machine comes standard with a large touch screen as your interface with the vending machine.  The touch screen technology allows for many innovative features to be incorporated in this state of the art vending machine.  Among the great features of the
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At Vending Simplicity we not only provide free vending machines for your work place, that are stocked and serviced by us, but we also rent vending machines for your work place.  Many of our clients choose to rent vending machines as it allows them the flexibility to stock whatever product they would like (for example PPE gear) and charge as little or as much as they would like to their own staff.  Some of our clients even
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