Combo Vending Machine Tweed Heads

At Vending Simplicity, we are always on the look out for new developments in vending machine technology.  With our newest range of “media” vending machine, the new generation has finally arrived.  The media vending machine comes standard with a large touch screen as your interface with the vending machine.  The touch screen technology allows for many innovative features to be incorporated in this state of the art vending machine.  Among the great features of the “Media” vending machine are; shopping cart technology, nutritional information, user guiding and prompting for operation, flexible and customisable display options.

As with all new technology, thorough testing is required.  At Vending Simplicity, we have field tested the new Media vending machines for an extended period of time under varying and extreme conditions.  To this point, we have seen the new vending machine seriously outperform previous generation machines that are available in the field.

The “media” machines come in three variants that are suitable for different environments.  There is the traditional drink variant, which comes with a robotic arm for guaranteed drink delivery, the snack variant, and the combo model, that combines the best of both elements.

Pairing your “media” machine with our modern telemetry system makes this an awesome choice for many workplaces.  By incorporating the telemetry, we receive regular and updated data on the stock levels and other key functions of the machines.  This data is then generated into a report which informs us when and how much stock to bring out for your regular machine service.

We are also working on an option for our customers to have access to log into the data of their machines.  The benefit of this option is that it allows the customer to view the sales history of their machine and ensure that they are receiving the correct rebate.