“”Free Machine For Your Work”

Vending Simplicity has introduced an exciting new offer to all our existing and new clients.  A cash rebate on all sales made through the brand new state of the art free vending machine at your work place.  Vending Simplicity likes to reward our loyal clients and what better way than through a cash rebate that comes straight back to you.

What you do with the cash rebate from your vending machine is entirely up to you; you can choose to use it for the social club’s Christmas party, buy new supplies for the company or simply keep it yourself – there are no strings attached.

The free cash rebate from your vending machine is a simple process that requires no time or effort from you.  Each of our state of the art vending machines has a computerised control unit that monitors all products that are purchased from the vending machine.  The vending machine tallies these sales and produces a report that indicates the total sales over a given period of time.  We then take these reports and calculate the rebate that is payable to you and give you the cash rebate on a regular basis.

There is no limit to the amount that is paid directly to you and we pay our rebates on a regularly (often every quarter).  Our vending experience gained from the broad range of locations we service has helped us maximise the return that you can achieve from the vending machine located in your work place.  We focus on customising each vending machine to the needs of your work place, thus increasing the rebate that can be achieved.

Our cash rewards rebate offer is available on our entire range of combo vending machines and is an ongoing commitment that we make with you – in fact we will document the agreement, detailing the level of the rebate, who is paid and how often it is paid. The rebate is payable the whole time that the machine is located at your work place and the cash rebate is never reduced.

Many of our customers have taken advantage of this cash rebate from the vending machine and in some cases have taken an overseas holiday paid for entirely from the rebate generated from their free vending machine.

We think this is a pretty good deal – you get a state of the art snack and drink machine at your work place and get cash back!

If you have been considering a free vending machine for your work place, now is the best time to call us at Vending Simplicity now  on 1300 880 232 and one of our friendly, professionally trained vending machine professionals will visit you at a convenient time at your work place and assist you organising a free machine for your work place in no time at all. It is a hassle free experience that you won’t regret.

Alternatively, fell free to email and we will get to you ASAP.

Source: http://www.vendingsimplicity.com

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