“Answering Your Frequently Asked Questions About Vending Machines”

These are the most frequently asked questions regarding getting a vending machine for your work place.  If there’s anything we have missed in these vending machine FAQs, don’t hesitate to call or email us, we’d be happy to help

Q: How muck does it cost to get a state of the of the art vending machine in our work place?

A:  Absolutely nothing, free! Yes you read that correctly, we install a brand new vending machine at your work place for absolutely free.

Q:  Can our work place choose what drinks, snacks, chocolates and other products are stocked in the free machine?

A:  Our machines are totally customised to your work place, and you can choose from a wide variety of products for your vending machine.  The products stocked in your new machine can also be changed at any time you ask.

Q:  How quickly can we get a new machine in our work place?

A:  Usually within a day or two.  Once you call us, we will come out and meet with you the same day.  During our visit, we will establish what products you are looking for, the location of the machine and several other factors to ensure that you have a hassle experience with your new vending machine.  After this is completed, we will immediately deliver the machine and stock it.

Q:  Do your machines accept notes as well as coins?

A:  All our computerised machines are the latest models and are configured to accept coins and notes.

Q:  How often do you service and restock the vending machine?

A:  At a minimum, we service and restock your vending machine on a weekly basis.  If your work place requires, we are happy to service and restock the machine on a daily basis.  Our servicing and restocking schedule is based entirely on your needs.

Q:  What happens if the vending machine has a problem?

A:  Our machines are the latest state of the art vending machines and are extremely reliable and sturdy.  If on the rare occasion you are experiencing a problem with the machine, we have a 24hr 1300 phone number that you can call and one of our professionally trained technicians will come out on the same day.

Q:  What about insurance?

A:  We take care of insurance.  We carry public liability for all our vending machines.

If you have been thinking about getting a vending machine for your workplace, just give us a call at Vending Simplicity on our toll free number 1300 880 232 and one of our friendly, professionally trained professionals will visit you at a convenient time at your workplace and assist you organising a free vending machine for your workplace in no time at all.

Source: http://www.vendingsimplicity.com

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